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Get strong DVD

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Get strong DVD Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to improve your students’ or athletes’ overall strength, endurance, and fitness? Look no further than Get Strong 101: 101 Strength and Conditioning Games and Activities. In this high-energy DVD, Judy Notte Howard introduces 101 innovative strength and conditioning activities that will help your participants ages 10 to 18 get strong, look good, and feel great.

The moves on this DVD are the same techniques used by elite athletes, but they have been adapted by strength and conditioning expert Jon Bula for use in the classroom, in the gym, or at home. Each activity is presented with a clear demonstration and description of how to perform the moves correctly, safely, and efficiently. The activities cover every aspect of strength and conditioning:

- Strength training

- Speed, agility, and quickness

- Balance

- Stretching

The fun and games chapter of the DVD includes seven “Get Strong” games that combine the components of strength training in a way that drives home the message that fitness can be fun.

The activities in Get Strong 101 can be followed in order by chapter, or they can be mixed to create complete workouts. The DVD contains 5-, 10-, and 15-minute workouts for small and large activity spaces, for a total of six sample workouts. Each sample workout is demonstrated on the DVD and provided in a printable format for you or your students to follow. You’ll also find blank workout forms that can be used for creating customized workouts.

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