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Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials: Standing Position DVD

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Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials: Standing Position DVDMaster essential wrestling techniques with instruction from one of the sport’s all-time greatest athletes and coaches! The Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials DVD series is your own personal clinic, as Gable himself goes into detail on every fundamental technique that wrestlers must perfect in the three primary positions---standing, on top, and on bottom--to become champions. Each DVD is loaded with live action demonstrations of skills and drills performed by world-class wrestlers.

The Standing Position DVD features everything from numerous leg tackles to well-executed whipovers. Gable takes you through a complete range of maneuvers, including snaps, headlocks, pummeling, go-behinds, ducks, drags, ankle picks, dumps, and a host of other effective techniques.

If you want to perfect essential moves from each position on the mat, there’s no better teacher. The Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials DVD series takes you inside the wrestling room where the 15-time national champion coach developed the dynasty program and dozens of All-Americans. Establish a winning foundation of wrestling skills with a proven winner.

Approx. 45 minutes