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Complete conditionning for Tennis

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Complete conditionning for Tennis

Complete Conditioning for Tennis improves your strength, power, agility, flexibility, quickness, and stamina. But unlike general strength-training and aerobic workouts, the ones provided here have been tested and proven to provide the best benefits for tennis players.

Experts from the United States Tennis Association provide

• 17 fitness tests,
• 21 stretches,
• 56 strength-training exercises and workouts,
• 12 quickness and agility drills,
• 18 ball and racket drills,
• 13 sample training and workout schedules, and
• 7 injury-prevention exercises and stretches.

No matter what your skill level, Complete Conditioning for Tennis provides programs that can be specifically tailored to your needs. Plus, you’ll learn where your conditioning is compared with other tennis players and how to chart your progress through the different conditioning levels.

Whether you’re the ace at your club or among your league’s rookies, with Complete Conditioning for Tennis you’ll finish strong in every match.

200 pages
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