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Complete conditioning for Basketball

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Complete conditioning for BasketballTake your game to a higher level ! New York Knicks’ strength and conditioning coach, Greg Brittenham, shares the exercises, drills, and training programs he’s used to develop the physical capabilities of players like NBA All-Star Patrick Ewing. In Complete Conditioning for Basketball he provides a proven program for becoming a more athletic player.

Presenting court activities and drills, Complete Conditioning for Basketball shows you how to design a specific program that will enhance your athletic abilities--speed, power, endurance, agility, coordination, balance, and reaction time. The drills are designed to fit into your practice routine, so you can work on conditioning and basketball skills at the same time. As your athletic skills improve, so will your ballhandling, shooting, rebounding, and defense.

This must-have resource features:

• specific principles and fitness requirements for basketball conditioning;
• recommendations on strength training for basketball players;
• guidelines and charts for developing a personalized strength training program;
• 15 flexibility exercises to help improve performance, avoid injury, and enhance workouts;
• 9 exercises to enhance the "center of power," abdominal and lower back strength;
• 9 movement patterns to improve agility, coordination, and speed for basketball;
• 11 fitness tests to determine individual training needs;
• 50 illustrated individual, small group, and court team drills with variations; and
• 12 detailed sample workouts for the pre-season, in-season, and off-season.

The conditioning program is easy to follow, with full-page diagrams of all 50 court drills and 73 photos of veteran NBA guard, Doc Rivers, demonstrating the techniques and exercises described in the book.

In chapter 1, Brittenham explains how laying a fitness foundation with basketball-specific conditioning activities improves fundamental skills and consistency.

Chapters 2 through 6 cover flexibility, stength training, abdominal and lower back strength, footwork skills, and fitness testing. You’ll learn fundamental movement patterns to improve your explosiveness and efficiency on the court as well as exercises to enhance your "center of power." Brittenham also includes guidelines for creating strength training programs that are safe and effective.

Chapters 7 and 9 are the heart of the book. Brittenham presents 50 on-court individual, small group, and team drills that are fun, challenging, and basketball-specific. You’ll get in better shape and improve your skills without the boredom associated with most conditioning programs.

Chapters 10 and 11 show you how to put together specific conditioning programs for the preseason, in-season, or off-season. You’ll also find an assortment of sample workouts for various team sizes and seasonal situations, each designed to show you exactly how to plan daily practice routines.

50 Court Drills for players
245 pages
ISBN: 0873228812